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24 Years Young Today

Welcome to HeyyHannah’s first blog post!

March 15th, 2019 (aka my birthday, aka the ides of March, aka Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s birthday – March 15th is always a GREAT day)!

I woke up 24 years old today and I couldn’t be ANY happier. I heard “getting old is tough” but honestly, I am really enjoying it. Yes, I would love to go back to the days where I was a kid with NO bills and NO responsibility but I am learning just who I am, completely on my own!

Flashback To Little Hannah

Year 23 was WILD, to say the least. I learned a ton in this past year and it has made me stronger, more independent, and an all around different person.

Year 23

Business/Career: WOAH. This was a HUGE category for me where I had to finally grow up and MOVE ON. As most of you know, I was with the same job for 4 years where I was continuously learning and growing. This job taught me all that I know today which I am very thankful for. I learned how to answer phones professionally, talk to clients, sell product, and so much more. It molded me into a young professional and all of that experience, I will carry with me for the rest of my life. This job also put me into the marketing world, specifically social media marketing/management. I learned how to manage and grow social pages while also creating and curating content. Because I fell in love with this, I decided to start taking more classes on my own to learn more about marketing. This is when people started asking ME if I could help them with their marketing too.

This blew my mind. I was actually getting asked to educate and help others with marketing. Mind you, I went to school for poli-sci and always planned on attending law school after. This all led to me starting my own “side hustle” business, Social Seedz.

Social Seedz wasn’t supposed to be anything; I had no idea how to run a business nor did I want to. But, when I started signing clients who wanted me to take over ALL of their media, I knew I had to make it legitimate. I created my own packages, sent them out to potential clients, had contracts made, and started bringing in some money. I say “some” because at first, it was a lot to me and was extra money I never had before (I was still living at home at this time). BUT THEN, I started signing more and more clients, bringing in money that I knew I had to keep track of because this was much larger than it was supposed to be. I was now thinking about taxes and profit, all of that fun stuff. This then led me to leaving my job (I started getting super busy and needed the time to focus on my clients), re-branding and launching my Social Seedz website, and purchasing my DBA (doing business as certificate).

I am now fully self-employed and extremely proud of it. I have multiple clients/accounts that I LOVE working with on a daily basis; I wake up every single morning, loving my job more and more.

Dating: This topic, I could totally rant on forever. Dating as a 23 year old, was interesting. From online dating to meeting people in public, this year taught me that I really love being on my own.

I had a few dates that didn’t work out because I am looking for something so particular and won’t settle for less. I also need to have an initial spark in order to avoid boredom (yup, I said it). I am super outgoing but also can be a home body so, if you’re personality doesn’t make me want to leave my house, it’s not going to work. LOL. Its true.

I have also learned that it is incredibly hard to meet people in public nowadays (kinda believe its because of where I live). I recently traveled to New York, on my own, and everywhere I went, I met someone new. For example, the first day I was there, the bartender asked me where I was from and was genuinely getting to know me. He then offered me a free drink to celebrate my vacation AND did a shot with me. That DOES NOT happen where I’m from. SO.. online dating is the way to go. But then you worry about catfishes and all of the other creepy things that come along with online dating.

Its a tough world out there but I am happy and content on my own and have realized that love will find me when it’s ready.

Moving out: I did it Y’ALL. I moved out of my parents house this January (2019). I told myself I would move out by the end of 2018 but with leaving my previous job and growing Social Seedz, I didn’t think it would happen.

November 2018, I learned that a friend/client of mine had a rental home that would be available soon. I learned all of the details and then went to see the home to see if it would be something I was interested in. I fell in love with the space the first time I saw it. A small and quant 2 bedroom home in Yucaipa (about 2 miles from my parents house). I moved in on January 9th and have been decorating it and making it my own. Thanks to my mom & dad of course who have helped me out SO much with the decorating process.

I am on my own with complete freedom and just have enjoyed getting to know myself EVEN MORE with this new home.

Friendships: This last topic is a big one for me. I was never a person who trusted others easily. It takes a while for me to open up and really begin to trust people. This year, I have put so much trust in the people who continually uplift and support me, and I have gotten that SAME amount of trust back.

I am truly thankful that I have opened my heart up to these special people in my life and am looking forward to growing these relationships, even more, this next year.

What I have learned

  1. When you feel like you’re in a place where you are no longer challenging yourself and you’re not growing, MOVE ON. We become complacent in these situations and that’s never a good thing. I am for sure not the kind of person to stay in a comfortable situation (unless it’s on my couch), I love a new challenge and growing from it.
  2. Dating is dating. Its a tough journey and it’s hard getting to know people and putting your heart out there BUT it can bring tremendous rewards. I have learned that it’s okay to date but it’s also okay to enjoy the single life and being 100% on your own.
  3. Maturity begins when you have only yourself to rely on. I have learned how to schedule and pay my bills, cook dinner for myself each and every night, make sure the house is clean, and so on. Yes, we learn these things as we are still relying on others but it doesn’t hit you until you’re out on your own.
  4. Friendships last a LIFETIME. Work on them. Water them and watch them bloom. If something happens to this relationship, or something get’s in the way, talk it out. If it’s someone you care about, you have to work at it to move forward.

Year 24

Year 24 will be another life changing year for me, I just know it. I am looking forward to celebrating 1 year of Social Seedz (tomorrow actually) and continuing to grow my business. I am also looking forward to new friendships, and growing old ones, and enjoying my time in my new place.

HeyyHannah is a new journey for me and I am so excited to show you all what I have coming! CHEERS TO 24 YEARS!

Thank you for reading and I can’t wait for you to experience more.

With all my love,


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