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Finding the confidence within.

Okay friends. If you have read my posts from “The Chic Politique”, you know that I have been THROUGH some shit these past few years, who hasn’t, but I realize it’s all to help me grow.

I used to have all of these ideas, opinions, and passions but I never shared them with the world because I didn’t think I was good enough or smart enough. I suppressed a lot of who I was, to please the people around me. *I don’t recommend this what-so-EVER. I wasn’t confident, at all, and I really held back the true Hannah.

To give you a quick background of me, I went to school and earned my degree in Political Science; I had every intention on going to law school and becoming a lawyer and politician. I just enjoyed the thrill of law cases and the debates about politics, it was intriguing.

Then I started playing with marketing. Social media marketing, marketing events, marketing materials, you name it. This is when my passions began to shift. I was finding myself more and more intrigued with marketing and the social media world, don’t get me wrong though, I still love politics and talking about all things political.

When these passions shifted and I became more involved with marketing, I was worried that I was letting go of a big dream of mine, something I had wanted for the past 8 years or so. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, including my family and I also wasn’t sure if I was giving up this dream because I thought I wasn’t good enough or smart enough. That changed really quick when friends and family started asking me for help with their media; that’s when I realized that this was something I loved doing and wanted to continue with it. This is when my confidence, began to bloom. This is when the real Hannah decided to make a presence.

Social Seedz was born shortly after, I know you all know that. But before Social Seedz even had a website, I learned of this company called Biem. I messaged the founder of Biem and landed an amazing internship with this company, working on their social media. Working for this specific company, changed everything for me. If you follow me on social, I talk about it quite often because it was the account that helped me boost my confidence AND taught me that I shouldn’t be ashamed to share my thoughts & opinions. I really tapped into who “Hannah” was and what she wanted to accomplish in life. (There’s a lot more to that story and why Biem was so important for me but I am going to save that for a later day.)

That leads me to today.

Last week, I was sent a job opportunity for a company I had been following since they began their social media pages. I immediately applied but told my friends that “it was way out of my league” and that “I would be surprised if I even got a message back”. Heres why:

  1. I had never worked with a media company with this big of a following before.
  2. They are based in London, I am in the United States (obvi)
  3. I didn’t think I was “capable”.

WELL, those negative thoughts NEVER stopped me. I received an e-mail the next day to set up an interview time and then 2 days later, I had my first interview. A day later, I received another e-mail to set up the second interview with the “boss lady” herself! They had stated that she was available 10am UK time, which would be 2am my time. I jumped on it so quick! I knew that this is what I wanted to do and an early morning time, would not stop that. I stayed up late and worked, keeping myself busy as I passed the time.

Flowers mom bought me to brighten my office for my interview!

This morning, I chatted with the founder of the company/brand and she found out just how early it was in Cali; she told me right away that she respected me for staying up that late to meet with her. I didn’t need the praise, although it was nice, because I wanted this opportunity so bad, time didn’t bother me at all. I also wanted to show my persistence because it still was in the back of my mind that “this position was out of my league”. In the end, it was an amazing interview and I am so so SO happy that those negative thoughts I had, never once stopped me from applying and going for it. My confidence was back and my passion for this industry was very prominent throughout this week! I actually realized that although this is a very large company with a very large following, it was totally me and the description matched me perfectly!

*I don’t want to dive to deep into the position and the company because I don’t know what the outcome will be.

Regardless, I have learned so much throughout this process and am more comfortable in my own skin, than I ever have been before.


I am 24 and confidence has never been a strong suit of mine. It’s taken a very long time to gain it but I am finally there where I can say “I am ME & I am happy with myself”. I am working so hard on my career and making a name for myself that my confidence grows with each and every day. I am still working on my confidence, including accepting compliments, but I know that is a daily bridge that I will have to cross every single morning.

This also leads me into “comfort zones”. I had a friend ask me not too long ago, “What are you doing to challenge yourself, to step outside of your comfort zone” and I said nothing. I really wasn’t challenging myself. This brought my confidence levels down because what was making me confident? I was comfortable with the clients I had and I wasn’t trying anything new. When this opportunity came along, I knew this was the challenge I needed. I knew that this is exactly what I needed to apply for in order to step completely out of my comfort zone and regain the confidence I needed to move forward.. It’s hard. I totally get it. But why settle with comfortability? Why believe that we aren’t confident enough to take on a new opportunity? We never grow that way.

So, my task for you is to try and step OUT of your comfort zone, see what it does to your confidence levels when you actually achieve something that is NOT in your comfort zone. Whatever it may be, do it. If you need advice or help or just need someone to talk to when the going get’s tough and you’re nervous about something, I’m here! Feel free to contact me through the contact button on my home page OR DM me on Instagram!

Alsooo, enjoy this fun song that always sparks up a dance party at The Feminist Flat. Especially after a killer day!

Catch ya later,


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