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Saying Goodbye to 22

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling’….23?

Welp. it’s here and I am not feeling much older but I am definitely feeling much wiser. Today is my 23rd birthday. Year 22 was such a wild ride; from heartbreak to changing my career path (slightly), I experienced it all. It was a rough and challenging year but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I want to THANK year 22 because it taught me the most!

Looking back at it, I feel like 22 was the last year of my “childhood”. Yes, I know I’m an adult but year 23 will be the year I have to grow up, move on, and focus on the next steps in my career. I want to reflect back on what 22 taught me and what I hope year 23 will bring me. 


RELATIONSHIP: I talked in my last post (it’s been a while) about my breakup early last year. It’s been a few months since writing that post and it’s amazing how much I have learned since then. I realized that I was not appreciated nor supported in that relationship and I am so thankful it ended the way it did because I have found who I am truly supposed to be. I have been able to be upfront and honest with people about my thoughts and opinions and not hide who I am like I used to – just check out my Instagram page, pretty sure you can tell who I am just by looking at my feed. I am not afraid to show people my outgoing personality, my love for gender politics, and my outrageous feminist views. I, for once, am proud to show these different sides of me because I have come to realize that people who WANT to be in your life, accept you for who you are; the people that DON’T, don’t matter. This lesson was extremely hard to learn, probably the worst, but looking at it now (WOW, it’s almost been a year) I realized I am a much stronger person than I ever could be in that relationship. It was holding me back.

CAREER: The next thing I learned and I dwelled on for quite some time, is that I wanted to change my career path. Ever since my freshmen year in high school, I knew I would be taking my LSAT and heading to Law School. That changed after I started taking social media classes (shoutout to my boss for trusting me with this task); I realized how much I enjoyed building a brand and working with social media pages. I soon found out that I was actually kinda good at it (lol) and have had multiple people approach me asking for lessons – this taught me a lot on it’s own because I was proud of what I had accomplished and learned how creative I actually was. I never thought that creativity would show through a social media page. This lesson was a rough one only because I knew I had found a greater passion and that it wasn’t law but, I soon learned that politics and media marketing actually are great together! I am still extremely passionate about politics (especially SMASHING the patriarchy) and I still plan on furthering my career in this field. We will see where this takes me, I have had multiple meetings and interviews with companies right up my alley so I can’t wait to see where this new passion leads me! 

FRIENDSHIP: Another lesson I learned was trust and building friendships. I am not a trusting person whatsoever, but I found some of my greatest friends this year and I learned how to develop a trusting relationship with them.  With that being said, I learned how to form new friendships because I never allowed myself to try with people and develop new relationships. Building these relationships allowed me to learn more about myself (my friends are extremely honest so I know real quick when I am being a bad friend) which has allowed me to learn how to be a better friend.  To my friends: I appreciate each and every one of you (you know who you are) and am so THANKFUL to have you in my life. 

ADULTING: This was also a year of “adulting” but also realizing that as a 22 year old, I don’t need to have it all figured out. When I was a kid, I thought that my brother, who was in his 20’s, was an “adult” and asked myself “why is he still living at home when he was old?” (LOL sorry Jeff, it’s true) but I realized when I turned 20 that I was still a child and that I shouldn’t have it all together – do we ever truly have it all together? I don’t know why society teaches us to hurry and grow up; it doesn’t make sense to me. On average, it is now taking people 4-5 years to graduate from a University (I will be completing it in 5) so that’s normally 22 or 23. To me, as you’re going through college (if that is the path you take), you are still learning so much! I realized that I didn’t need to grow up quickly and that I needed to take time, as a woman in her 20’s, before settling down and focusing on my future. I am so happy I learned this because it’s allowed me to experience more and stress much less. However, 23 will be the year where I focus in on my future and what I plan on doing with it.


I have high hopes for this coming year. I am graduating and will be moving towards the next step in my career which makes me incredibly happy; I have worked so hard for this so I can’t wait to see where this new life takes me. I also have some amazing ideas up my sleeve that I am currently working on, hopefully I will have something to show you all soon! 
I have the most incredible support system (family & friends) who are always by my side in both bad and good situations. I can’t wait to build new relationships and show new people who I am and what I have to offer while still learning about me. From now on, I have promised myself that I will be ME and only Me; I will never change for anyone ever again. 
I may be saying goodbye to 22 but I know 23 will be a great year! 


The Chic Politique 

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