Staining My Hair Pink

Well, by the title I’m pretty sure you can guess what this post is about!

2 weeks ago, my friend Noelle (@nkpthingz) did a really pretty pink balayage over my already existing highlights. It faded VERY quickly because I take fairly hot showers and I wash my hair every other day (all no-no’s for vivid colors). So, I decided to “stain” my hair in between salon visits.

I came across Davines “Alchemic Red” conditioner because my friends own a Davines Salon – (@trouxstudio) I knew that if I diluted it with the right amount of conditioner, I could create a soft pink color and apply it all over, which is exactly what I did. NOW, before I go any further, I want to mention that this is a STAIN, it stains your hair temporarily and will wash out with time. I do not condone dying your hair at home, I strongly believe in visiting a licensed cosmetologist if you are looking for something more permanent.

This product is a conditioner and since I mixed it with another deep conditioner, my hair felt very heavy but super healthy and soft after application. I will admit that it was difficult to style after because I have such fine hair that the amount of conditioner I applied, ended up weighing it down quite a bit. I would recommend doing this the day before a special event, then rinsing it out, then shampooing the next day to soften the color and to help with your styling.

In this video you will see me mixing the color, applying it, then styling it. I had planned on making this video more “tutorial” like and talk through it but I found that creating this short clip was much more efficient; so ignore all of the clips of me speeding through talking LOL.

Also, shoutout to YouTube for not allowing me to choose a custom thumbnail, you suck!

Enjoy this quick video and let me know if this is something you’re willing to try!

As always, feel free to e-mail me at or DM on Instagram @heyhannah22 if you have ANY questions!

Catch ya next time,


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