Hair Care:

Davines’s “Let It Go” mask from the Circle Chronicles line!

Y’all. Believe me when I tell you THIS is the best hair mask to date! First off, it smells absolutely amazing and second, it leaves my hair feeling so healthy and shiny. I absolutely love using this mask once a week! After shampooing, I apply this mask in my hair and leave it on for ten minutes (I usually shave my legs while I wait). Then I rinse, blowdry, and style like normal! It also doesn’t weigh down the hair so I am able to style it, just fine, after using.

Description: “The Let It Go Circle is powered by two versatile and curative ingredients: Brahmi oil energizes and re-hydrates, and sweet orange essential oil helps to relax the mind. Together these provide a boost of hydration to even the most stressed hair.”

You can grab yours at any local Davines salon (Inland Empire area, Troux Studio) or online here!

Skin care:

This face mask is perfect to use if you have acne prone skin! I was worried to try a peel off mask because my skin is ultra sensitive, but I found that it peeled off easily without leaving my skin too red.

I used it at night, before heading to bed, and it left my skin feeling exfoliated, smooth, and refreshed.

Description: Enriched with naturally-derived grapefruit extract, the Neutrogena® Pink Grapefruit Peel-Off Face Mask targets thousands of pores – clinging to pore-clogging dirt and excess oil. The unique formula changes from liquid to a soft solid once applied, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean. This non-comedogenic peel-off face mask is great for use as part of your regular acne-prone skin care routine.

I found mine at my local CVS but you can also find it online here!