What Happened?

Well, been in the news all week. It’s been a pretty big topic and I can’t help but think to myself, why!?

This past election we saw the Clinton vs. Trump show; it was non-stop and pretty annoying. Really not an election or a debate at all, just a bunch of gibberish and black mail. Not only was it ALL over our televisions but it was all over our social media feeds too. Yes, I am very guilty of that, but, what I couldn’t stand to see is the people who bashed Clinton for going through FBI investigations. We all remember this pic..right? 

But what we didn’t talk about is the fact that Trump could be next under the FBI! Talk about a guy with issues! The women comments, the sexual harassment cases, the fraudulent school, the calls to Russia, the list goes on and on. Low and behold, Monday morning I get news that sure enough, the FBI is opening an investigation. Point of this all, don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house, am I right? 

So then, what’s next for this administration? What will they find? My guess is that nothing will come of this, like always. People expect the FBI to do it’s job, and don’t get me wrong, they do. But, when it comes to D.C. and billionaires, do we really think this will lead to some sort of impeachment? My guess is no. Trump has proven, multiple times, to succeed through the worst of it I don’t believe this is any different.  

With this being said, STOP saying you refuse to vote for someone who is under an investigation because guess what!? You just voted for a guy who is now going through one himself, for various reasons. Either way, D.C. is one giant game, play your pieces right and you hold authority. Things need to change and changes will not be made if you are making decisions based on other “alternative facts”, do your research people. 
As always, feel free to follow me and add some feedback. I am not here to take political bashing, just stating some actual and obvious facts.

Love always,


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