A Day in L.A.

Good Evening!

Yesterday was seriously the best – I just had to share it with you. I discussed in my last post that I would be sharing more about my life this summer, including some cool hot spots in California! Today, I was able to visit some of those spots and take some cool pictures for you all.. LA here we come!

My coworkers and I had the most random day off. The salon I work at is normally open Tuesday – Saturday, however, Edison was doing routine maintenance in our area and needed to turn off our power. They told us it would be all day so the salon closed down and we decided to take a field trip!

After running a quick errand, we had the greatest lunch at the LA Farmers Market. If you are traveling to California or if you live in California and have never been to this market, you NEED to go! *you’re missing out if you haven’t!* I love visiting this place because they have food from all over the world so if you are hungry or if you are traveling with a large group, this is for sure the place to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. No need to argue about where to eat because there are tables everywhere so that your group can split up, find what they are wanting to eat, and meet back to enjoy a meal together. 

We walked around for a while before I made my decision *there is a lot to choose from!* I finally decided on a New Orleans style restaurant and thank goodness I did. The Gumbo Pot is now at the top of my list thanks to my co-worker Heather *who once lived in New Orleans*. They have all sorts of options such as Gumbo *duh*, Po-Boy’s (salmon, oyster, name it), and beignets! The food was to die for and the meat and fish were so fresh! 

Another one of my favorites that I have visited before is Monsieur Marcel’s (the restaurant). They have both a restaurant and a market and both are a must if you plan on visiting. The restaurant is a nice place to sit down and have a glass of wine and share a cheese platter with friends. It’s quant and has a small bar across the way if you are looking for more of a “bar” type setting. The market is also great if you are looking for delicious macaroons! I love taking a little box of these home and sharing with the family! *Okay, maybe I lied about the “sharing”.

There are so MANY other options. Mexican food, pizza, sandwiches.. whatever you are in the mood for, they have! I highly recommend this local market for a great bite to eat and some souvenir shopping.

The next stop was The Grove, attached to the Farmer’s Market, this is a great place to shop some of the high end stores that the celebrities also shop at. Mac, Gap, Barnes & Noble, The American Girl Store, Nordstrom and so much more. It is also a great spot to walk around and just take in the beauty of the area. They have a nice pond to hang out around but also some more restaurants that are worth checking out. Dylan’s Candy Shop, located under Mixology, is a massive store full of candy. *Tom and Katie of Vanderpump rules, used Dylan’s Candy Shop to cater their “sweet treats” part of theirwedding* The Grove is a great spot if you feel like walking around and shopping a bit!

The last stop of the day *yes, it doesn’t seem like much but in LA, you sit it TONS of traffic so our next stop was 7 miles away from The Grove yet, it took us 35 min to get there, not including parking* was Little Damage Ice Cream Shop.

Even the ride to Little Damage from The Grove was unreal. We took a curvy road through historical homes that I have never seen before. It didn’t even look like California! *It did feel like it though with all the traffic*

This was my first time ever visiting a place like this. They change up the flavors often so that you are always experiencing something new. *They do have a vegan option if you are dairy free* Their “signature” black cones are made with activated charcoal, that may sound gross but that was my absolute favorite part of the ice cream itself. I tried the “Mother of Dragons” which was a strawberry cheesecake flavor and it was super rich and very sweet! I loved every LICK of it *lol* 

By the end of it all, it was 3pm and we knew if we didn’t leave right on time, we would hit the “rush hour” traffic and it would take double the amount of time to get home. All in all, it was a fantastic day with the best co-workers! 
Let me know what you think in the comments below! Have you been to LA? Have you tried Little Damage’s delicious charcoal cone? 

Always stay humble & kind, 

The Chic Politique

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